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Advocating Safety in Healthcare E-Sisters

ASHES is proud to announce our new committee MhEEI.

Mental Health Education and Empowerment Initiative.

While our goals have been primarily focused on medical device safety, our interests have also included mental health care and safety. There is a clear understanding of the need to intervene and spread awareness to the systemic problems that adolescents and adults face when they are seeking mental health treatment.

Our organization has been focused on working with the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, primarily on bridging safety between medical devices and consumers. Our work continues to be the driving force of change we are witnessing today, within the medical device industry. We are grateful for so many who believed in us and our mission. We continue to grow, learn and become stronger as an organization as we pave the way for many other groups who are now finding their voice.

It is imperative that the most vulnerable populations such as our disabled and mentally ill have a voice in the systems they seek help and treatment from. Often, it is not their own voice due to the severity of their problems and conditions. MhEEi will be that voice to the hundreds of thousands who are without one.

If you or someone you love needs mental health care and you have questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]